Fryette Valvulator GP/DI Direct Recording Amp

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Introducing The Fryette Valvulator GP/DI, Desktop Recording Amplifier. This is is an all valve low-power guitar amplifier, preamplifier, direct box, and all-around low-volume-playing solution. The GP/DI is specifically designed to work in situations where you can't or don't need to play loud, such as late-night playing and recording, headphone practicing, and recording straight into the board live. It is the first all vlave guitar amplifier designed to do that without any additional equipment and a minimum of trouble.

  • One Watt all-tube Amplifier with integrated reactive load.
  • Extremely broad tonal range, from clean to high gain.
  • Proprietary adjustable "Cab + Mic" section for direct recording.
  • Built-in tube Direct Injection output, usable separately as a Tube Direct box , or together with the amplifier.
  • Every concievable input and output required for use in just about any situation.
  • Fully functional self-contained "Re-Amping" solution.

How would you like to:

  • Record a real cranked tube amplifier direct with no outboard equipment required?
  • Record a real cranked tube amplifier into a mic'd cab at at speaking volume?
  • Transport your signature tone anywhere in a compact package that easily fits in a gig-bag or overhead storage compartment?
  • Dial in your ideal amp/cab voicing without the need for external cab models, IRs or other expensive interfaces?
  • Practice and rehearse your own tracks with headphones utilizing your favorite external reverb with genuine high-voltage tube tone, sustain and ample volume?
  • Track and protect your raw guitar performance independently of your fully processed track for later reamping or reprocessing?

 The new Fryette Valvulator GP/DI allows you to do all of this...and more. How is that possible?

  •  The GP/DI incorporates a true, all-tube preamp and transformer coupled One Watt tube power amplifier driving in internal reactive load.
  • The internal load is disabled when driving a speaker cabinet allowing you to voice the recorded performance of the GP/DI - live and simultaneously direct to desk or FOH - using your favorite speaker.
  • Our unique tunable Cab+Mic feature allows you to shape the internal cab tone and dial in high frequency microphone response, providing the critical mic proximity behavior not found in any IR based cabinet models. The result is a recorded sound and touch sentitivity not possible with modeling gear alone. And when you do want to utilize an external IR cab model, you can simply disable the Cab+Mic function using the front panel bypass switch. Yes, we thought of that too...
  • The proprietary Fryette Valvulator tube buffer/direct feature allows you to send your unprocessed pickup level guitar signal directly to your recording interface unimpeded. Or you can connect this signal path directly to the front end of any modeling product to improve the tone and dynamic performance of any modeler.
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