Fender Custom Shop Ltd El Diablo Strat Wide Fade 2 Colour Sunburst

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Another spicy beast of a Strat from the Fender Custom Shop. Joining it's sibling the "Ancho Poblano" Strat in Fender's more beefier sounding Stratocaster models.

This one is a strictly limited edition guitar and will probably be the only one that we'll receive.

It has the famous "10/56" neck shape, which a rather large V shape, with Jumbo frets and 9.5" radius. This makes for a sweet playing experience as you can really dig in hard and the guitar can take it with ease.

The name of this limited model comes from the pickups and the "El Diablo" pickups sound as spicy as the name suggests! Still not super hot and harsh sounding, these things are just THE Texas tone.

Killer guitar with a great tone and effortless playability.

In Stock: Colchester Severalls Shop
This item has been moved from our old Braintree shop over to our new shop which is a work in progress, it is open for business and this item will be available to view in person. For enquiries please call 01376 386 786 or email sales@peachguitars.com.
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