PRS Custom 24 Faded Whale Blue Smokeburst Natural Back 2017 spec

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2017 spec PRS Custom 24 in Faded Whale Blue Smokeburst, with a sweet natural mahogany back

What else needs to be said about the Custom 24? You can definitely say that it's stood the test of time, which not many have, after the usual suspects of course.

For 2017 this Custom 24 is fitted with the super reliable and toneful Gen III tremelo unit.

Loaded with a pair of 85/15 PRS Humbucking pickups, which have been a relevation since their inception in 2015. They're a super versatile pickup and depending on the rig used, you can go from anything to crystaline funk cleans all the way through to the Brown sound, all with very little effort.

Great guitar!

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