Gibson Custom 1963 ES-335 Block Historic Burst VOS 2016

Gibson Custom
Product Overview

The 2016 ES-335 '63 Block Reissue is one of the finest examples of a 335 models in the market, it has a tone to die for and mojo for days!

We sell loads of these and it's easy to see why. They have the look of thos eorignal guitars just absolutely bang on, not to mention the tone and feel of thse classic early 60's Gibson ES Guitars.

The guitar has a set of the superb sounding MHS Memphis historic spec pickups, which nail the classic ES-335 PAF tone.

Comes with hard case and certificate.

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Product Specifications

The 2016 version of this guitar has some super specs, which include:

  • Matched potentiometer sets for the perfect amount of volume and top end roll-off
  • Historic Truss-rod for improved adjustability and resilience
  • Rolled neck binding for that beautiful vintage feel
  • Hot Hide Glued neck joints
  • All bracing now quartersawn Adirondack spruce secured with hot hide glue
  • Lightweight centerblocks