Gibson Custom 1957 Les Paul Junior Single Cut VOS

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We've been badgering Gibson for the last few years to make some more Juniors but the answer has been "no" every time! The focus has been on the historic line of Les Pauls and Sg's and who can blame them! Since the inception of the 2013 range of guitars, with the period correct fingerboard, pickups, glues etc, the sales of these instruments have been amazing, they really are that good. Then all of a sudden a few turned up in Gibson Europes warehouse, we wasn't going to question why, we just wanted to buy them all!

Just one of the most dynamic expressive guitars money can buy!

I didn't realise how awesome Les Paul Juniors were until i played one of these, you can get everything from big fat "Women Tone" through to country spank, just with a flick of the volume and tone controls. The sustain that these guitars produce is nothing short of incredible!

This guitar is a 57 variety and it has Gibson's proprietary VOS treatment to the finish, which gives the guitar a classy old look, without looking beaten to death!


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