Taylor 916ce - John Petrucci Artist's Choice

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This is a gorgeous guitar as played by a modern great, Mr John Petrucci of Dream Theater fame.

This is a very limited run only 70 of these to be made. Sporting all the usual 916ce appointments, but also sporting a custom label signed by John Petrucci and Bob Taylor himself.

Also comes with an autographed 4 LP vinyl set 'The astonishing', a custom 'JP' guitar strap and extra set of of Ernie balls too.

Bar stool isn't included but they needed somewhere to rest the LP's we guess!

Cracking guitar made into a cracking collectors items right here, we'll only see 1, I doubt most dealers in the UK will even see that many.

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This item is in our new Colchester superstore, and available to try out in person with no prior notice.
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(Approx $4,613.9734)
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