Taylor 612ce 12 fret

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Another stunning Taylor guitar! How do they do it!?

Taylor have completely redefined what's possible with maple as a tonewood for the back and sides on a acoustic guitar.

As part of the completely redesigned 6 series from master luthier, Andy powers, this Grand Concert 12th fret model certainly packs a punch and it just doesn't sound how you imagine it would. Usually maple guitars are very bright but the new 6 series have a beautiful brightness and a punchy bottom end to keep up with the chime.

We absolutely love Taylors 12th fret guitars. The elongated body extends the low end and yields a tone that defies belief from a guitar of this size.

The 6 series Taylors are the first acoustic guitars we've seen to feature "roasted" woods, in the past we've seen bodies and necks on electric guitars use this process but never before on an acoustic. The roasted tops produce a played-in sound straight from the box.

As you'll see, the maple doesn't have the usual pale apperance that you see elsewhere, the "brown sugar" stain was inspired by the hand-rubbed finishes of the 1920s violins and Taylor have figured out a way of adding this stain without adding to the overall material thickness.

Loaded with the market leading ES2 pickup system, for the ultimate electrified acoustic guitar tone

I could go on all day about this incredible guitars!


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