Taylor 812e 12-Fret with ES2

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This gorgeous Taylor 812 is a 12-fret join which means the neck joins the body at the 12th rather than 14th fret, what is lost in terms of easy accessibility at the top end of the fret board is more than made up for with the extra warmth and expression that is caused by this neck setup.

Taylor's rosewood/spruce Grand Concert is all about articulation and intimacy.

It's a fingerstyle favorite for its balanced and focused response and makes a perfect recording guitar, as it fits well with other instruments.

The revoicing of the 800 Series has brought out extra midrange warmth in this body shape, and the new custom-gauge HD Light strings add boldness to the treble notes, with impressive volume and dynamic range for a smaller guitar.

Premium appointments include maple binding and back strip, rosewood top edge trim, and a rosewood pickguard. The guitar comes equipped with Taylor Expression System 2 electronics.

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