VOX AV60 Analog 12" speaker 60W Amp

New for NAMM 2016
Product Overview

Vox have been doing their thing now for 60 years, and the new AV analog valve series draws on all that experience.

The new series provides a wide range of authentic amp sounds via 8 all analog pre-amp circuits. The circuit design is based on the 12AX7 tube which is a classic choice.

The valve stage section modifies the the circuit to put in or take out bass response and brightness. It can also allow you to adjust the bias and response of the power section on the fly.

Also features 3 essential effects with built in Chorus, Reverb and Delay.

The AV60 is a twin triode 12AX7 in both the pre-amp and power amp, producing lovely authentic tube tone at bedroom levels.

It's a 60 Watt amp Loaded with a custom VOX 12" speaker. Regardless of your playing style, the AV60 is well-equipped amp perfect for studio or small club gigs.

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