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The Atlantic 4.0TM is the most flexible "Trainwreck Style" amp ever built and is our tribute to one of the greatest guitar amplifier designers of all time, Ken Fischer. Designed as an extremely touch sensitive "players amp", the Atlantic 4.0 gives the player tones ranging from pristine clean to over-the-top overdrive all with a twist of the guitar's volume knob!

"The Atlantic is a killer rig for blues, classic rock and fusion players, delivering every phrase with Dumble-like clarity and stands up to the world's best boutique competition." - Guitarist Magazine
December, 2011

Each Atlantic 4.0 is a one of a kind amplifier that is very carefully crafted and tuned by Brad Jackson himself to insure the best tone and performance possible from this legendary circuit. If you are looking for an amplifier that is as much a musical instrument as your guitar is, and responds to every nuance of your playing style, the Atlantic 4.0 was made for you!


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