Marshall 2525 Mini Jubilee 20W Small-box Head

New for NAMM 2016
Product Overview

Back in the depths of time (1987) Marshall unleashed their Silver Jubilee line to celebrate 25 years of Marshall amps and 50 years of Jim Marshall being in the business.

Here we have a new line inspired by that series, this is the 2525H, a 'small-box' head design which combines the Silver Jubilee preamp in a lower power and tiny sized design. It's made at the Marshall factory in Bletchly here in the UK which is always nice to see.

It's a very decent volume in it's full 20 Watt mode, but switchable down to 5 Watt for bedroom levels too.

Sporting 3 ECC83's and 2 EL34's, all the usual controls, DI output and a built in FX loop too.

Lovely to look at, lovely to listen to, and lovely when you have to move it about, this is a lightweight package that has it all.

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