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The El Guapo is a new and window shaking two channel 100W Plexi/High gain monster of an amplifier. This amp is the result of Jackson working together with the noted blues guitarist Josh Smith. Powered by two EL34's in it's 50W mode, and all four EL34's for the 100W mode for the output valves, and three 12AX7's on the preamp and an extra 12AX7 on the phase inverter. 

Features include 50W/100W mode switching, 2 inputs, front panel controls of gain 1, gain 2, treble, middle, bass, master 1, master 2 and presence. Extra control of the tone comes from separate channel based bright switches, manual channel switching on the amp (if you forget your footswitch), a 'NRM/BST' boost switch to crank that 2nd channel from vintage to modern. A LO/HI gain control switch adds to the controlability, and finally a response switch that changes up the dynamics of the amp.

It's based on Jacksons favourite Vintage Plexi model the early 100W Super Bass circuit, the first channel sports lovely thick and rich clean tones. The voicing in the amp copes with anything you can plug into it nicely, but particularly sings with single coil guitars and fattens them up to sound almost humbucking, this channel is Plexi done right.

The 2nd channel is a different beast, moving up from a vintage Super Lead Plexi sound right up to a modern sounding high gain tones, it sounds brighter and controlled low-end and more range on the top end. This channel is capable of everything from vintage rock tones through to the hardest rock you can think of.

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