Fender Bassbreaker 45 Combo

New for NAMM 2016
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What happens when one of Fenders most popular amp circuits the Bassman meets Fenders new modern hard rock angled Bassbreaker range? This.

In the late 50's a tweed coloured Bassman was all the rage, and earned the name 'the grandfather of all amps'. A simple and versatile amp design and solidly built too meant people have been using and seeking that amp ever since.

The Bassbreaker series is Fenders new look, new vibe range meant to conjure up a more modern and totally different feel to fenders usual vibe.

This one is the flagship 45 Watt model with professional tone perfect for modern rock players.

Loaded with the '59 Bassman circuit known for a very pedal friendly response. Loaded with two EL34 output tubes. Power scaling allows the amp to output anything from 1 Watt to 45 Watts. Two inputs on the amp for 'normal' and 'bright', plus a 'both' input for getting a channel blend without a patch cable.

Loaded up with two 12" Celestion V-Type speakers and enclosed in a sem-closed back cab design.

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