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Carol Ann
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The Carol Ann Triptik 2 HP is the "High Power" version of the super popular Triptik run. Carol Ann amps are all handcrafted using the finest materials and feature point to point wiring; there are no gimmicks or tone sucking features here, just pure, organic valve tones. Each amp is hand tested by Carol Ann head honcho Alan Phillips before undergoing a live band run through, it's a level of care unlike any other manufacturer and ensures that each amp is running at optimum efficiency before dispatch.

The Triptik 2 HP is a true rock machine, kicking out classic rock tones right through to modern day high gain tones, it's a real balls to the wall monster. The High Power version can run with either EL34/6L6/KT77/KT66 for 100W and KT88/6550 for 130W. To keep this tube selection process simple, the Triptik features the AutoBiasMon board, which allows users to bias the amp simply by pushing a button and letting the amp recalibrate itself.

Using 6 tubes in the preamp stage, you can scale the gain to suit your playing. The overdrive from this amp is generated by running each gain stage to their absolute extreme, just keeping them this side of instability. Like a fine tuned racing engine. This helps preserve the dynamic range, keeps noise to a minimum and emphasizes the harmonic overtones of each note without ever sounding bright or harsh.

The clean channel uses a paralleled triode input stage, this gives an excellent signal to noise ratio and a very large dynamic range. Complete with 4 button footswitch, this 3 channel monster is a real winner!

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