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Wicked wah wah


After long and painful research, we are finally proud to produce what we believe is a true vintage-sounding wah pedal that is also versatile and of course true-bypass.


Featuring :

  • The best wah-pot in the market !
  • RED Fasel inductor for pure vintage sound
  • internal trimmer which adjusts the input gain
  • Carbon Comp resistors and tropical fish capacitors
  • mini LED
  • Allen set screw in the front of the pedal, which allows to adjust, to your individual taste, how tight or loose the feel of the pedal sweep is.
  • 6 position rotary switch for 6 different frequency sweep ranges (comes with the Wahcko+ version)

"I absolutely love it !  Beautiful job!  Every setting on the switch sounds great and the vocal sweep is perfect. Finally, finally, after all of these years a wah I will actually use and not want to sell or destroy !" Julien Kasper

In Stock: Colchester Severalls Shop
This item has been moved from our old Braintree shop over to our new shop which is a work in progress, it is open for business and this item will be available to view in person. For enquiries please call 01376 386 786 or email sales@peachguitars.com.
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