Solid Cable GT Instrument Cable 10'

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The GT instrument cable brings a new level of sound quality and durability to the field with a brand new cable that provides excellent noise rejection, the hybrid metal conductors and micro airgap insulation produce a quiet, low capacitance path to carry the full frequency range of your instrument without coloration and signal loss. the GT instrument cable connects your guitar and amp with all metal connectors and audiophile grade solder to keep your natural tone strong and sounding the best it can.

We wanted to take the classic guitar cable and evolve it into something very special, while evoking the essense of high performance racing technology. With silver and copper conductor path, carbon fused shield, all metal ends and our extreme duty encapsulant filled connectors, you get the recipe for a new modern classic that can showcase your sound in its best light.

The result is a cable that has sweet treble sparkle, a nice even volume, and rich deep lows. The volume is that of a standard quality cable, but has added detail and dimension.

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