SineWave Amplifiers

Chad Mangrum of SineWave Amplifiers is currently one of the hottest amp builders on the market today. With an ever growing list of endorsees, including our own Matt Schofield, you can see why these amps are so revered.

Here's a  little history and a mission statement from Chad:

"As a designer and builder with close to two decades of experience and countless hours building and manipulating analog circuits I have come to appreciate the subtle differences in circuit design and part selection that make up an amplifier. Understanding the difference between carbon or metal film resistors, the nuances that polyester and polypropylene capacitors have on the top end, or the countless other intricacies of analog components. I know that the design and build process consists of a culmination of the amplifier, the guitar, the speaker, the room and the player.

My designs stem from a long history in producing classic to modern circuits and being mentored by a great designer Bill Krinard. This has given me the tools to understand the interplay that happens within this complex system. By focusing on a specific goal these amplifier designs can either maintain a vintage vibe or have a more refined modern feel. The secret lies within creating circuits that are not hindered by the "bad" behavior classic designs have. The goal is to let the player forget that the amp is just a tool, that it is part of the creative circle of; player-guitar-amp-speaker. Creating a situation where the amplifier acts as an extension of the guitar and in the end the player's voice
To me, building amplifiers has always consisted of a 90% technical understanding of electronics and 10% creative inspiration and experimentation. Because this 10% can't be quantified as to what and why it is the way it is, that 10% is what makes an amp great, makes it feel good and ultimately what creates the balance between the player, the guitar and the audience. This 10% is what I work to attain with every design and is what I strive to push further with new designs."

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