Gibson 2016

Gibson present their exciting range of USA made guitars for 2016.

If you're interested in guitars at all, there's a good chance that you heard all about the 2015 range. We here at Peach were very positive about the range, but others particularly on the forums were less enthusiastic about such dramatic innovations and changes all being delivered at once.

Well this year we see Gibson returning firmly to what they were doing in 2014 and before, providing solid specs and competitively priced USA made guitars that focus on a more traditional approach.

The main changes this year is a return to historical specifications with traditional tuners, a regular nut (not the zero-fret brass nut from 2015), a return to the traditional neck width, and a return to the fixed scratch plate too.

We think these guitars are going to be a big hit and represent a whole load of guitar for great value.


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