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So a good question with the Profilers with power stage built in would be, what don't they do? This is a crazy cool piece of kit right here, whether you're a guitar player, or a bass player, this is the one stop solution to a world of tones and effects.

It's a multi-effect processor, a pre-amp and power amp all rolled into one very solidly built and great looking, and rediculously versatile modelling system.

Equally usuable at home, in your studio solution, or when playing live, the Kemper Profiler puts hundreds of the best amps at your fingertips, and even allows you to profile your existing real amps and let you take your favourite tones with you in a light portable solution.

This version comes with a 600 Watt poweramp stage to add to the incredibly versatile multi-effects, hundreds of preinstalled amp profiles and preamp stage, it also comes with a profiler remote which is a integrated foot switch solution making the unit far easier to use in a live environment. The profiler remote has a large display to see what's happening, along with four pedal inputs, and easy 'double-click' assignments of stomps and effects.

Effects wise, you can see this unit as the largest multi-effects you've come across, with a vast range of drive pedals, wahs, eqs, pitch shifters and crazy experimental sounds like frequency shifters and exotic waveshapers, even looper pedal functionality. If it's been built in the past, this unit can recreate it.


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