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The Britain 4.0TM is the smallest, most flexible and portable British style guitar amplifier ever made! With 4 distinct power settings and two blendable channels, the Britain 4.0 offers more tone and more value than any amp ever made!

"The best amp I have ever played! Great tone and great versatility." - Robbie McIntosh
John Mayer Band

If you are looking for one amp that will cover all the classic British guitar tones of the last 50 years along with a host of new tones never before available then the Britain 4.0 is your amp!

Jackson Ampworks, the creator of "The Britain" amplifier, has just released The Britain 4.0.

With careful consideration of the feedback from users of the original Britain and the Britain 2.0, Jackson Ampworks has totally redesigned the amp to become the most pristine, versatile, and compact boutique amp on the market today. The new Britain 4.0 is 18 pounds lighter than its original predecessor, 8" more narrow and 3 times more powerful!  In addition to these changes we added a second channel to the amplifier, a unique footswitch-able boost circuit for the Britain's now legendary EF86 channel, series effects loops for each channel, and selectable 15/25/30W Class A or 50W Class A/B operation that features 2 different sets of output tubes for unmatched versatility!

Given the combination of features, performance and price, we think you'll agree that not only does the Britain 4.0 offer Small Size and Huge Tone, it also offers a Tremendous Value as well!

(Approx $2,585.8194)
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