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DR Z Maz 8 Studio 1x12 Combo with Celestion Blue Black

The new standard in low powered valve amps
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We're so happy to see this product has come to fruition, i was their right at the start in Summer 2011...

When making my annual visit to DR Z amps HQ i mentioned to Z that it would be fantastic to have a lower powered amp that was more manageable at home levels than the best selling Maz 18 and i'm sure many of you are thinking 'what about the mini z?' well that is a killer amp for just plugging into, turning it on full and riding the volume control on your guitar, however i still wanted an amp that would give you those famous Maz cleans which recall the bell like tones of SRV's 'Lenny' and Jimi's 'Little Wing' but with the cranked up raunch of Billy Gibbons/David Grissom and cool Americana tones all within a tweak of the master and volume dials, the next day i arrived back at DR Z HQ and the first prototype was waiting for me to try out :-) 


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Heard the MAZ 8 prototype at the Z-Fest in Cleveland, OH USA in June. Holy smokes! A perfect package! If you like a MAZ18 or 38, the MAZ8 is a perfect grab and carry combo for ANY playing situation. This amp doesn't break any new sonic ground, but is a brilliant packaging of one of the best EL84 amp lines ever!

Gregg White
Product Specifications

Based on the modern day classic Maz 18 platform, the Maz 8 is set to become the new standard in single ended amps.  If you are tired of thinking of ways to win the volume wars with sound guys, club owners, and recording engineers the Maz 8 is the solution.  The Maz 8 is a full featured 8 watt amp that will give you an incredible range of shimmering cleans to full on rock action at reasonable volume levels.

The single EL84 output section can be run in Pentode or Triode mode.  In Pentode mode you get the sonic signature of the Maz 18.  The chimey top end and sweet low end bloom are all there, but at a significantly lower volume.  The pentode setting gives you plenty of dynamic range for clean country picking to grinding riff rock bliss.  You can even take it a step beyond with the footswitchable EQ bypass function.  This gives you a great gain boost for effortless leads that will sustain for days.  The Maz 8 takes on a much different dialect in triode mode with more of a vintage feel and sound.  In triode, the volume level drops back and the tone fattens up making you think you plugged into a lost gem from the 1950s.  Kicking on the EQ bypass in triode mode will have you reaching for your slide in no time. 

The front panel features Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb, Master, and the ever versatile cut control.  Think of the cut control as a tone knob for the output section.  The back panel features a 4, 8, and 16 ohm speaker out.  An effects loop and EQ bypass are standard.  The back panel also has the pentode/triode switch.  The Maz 8 is available as a head, 2x10, and 1x12 combo.  The 1x12 comes standard with a Celestion Blue speaker.  You get a choice of our new smaller 1x12 Studio combo cab or the standard size 1x12.  The 1x12 Studio cab makes for a great grab and go amp.