Morgan SW22 1x12 Combo

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This is an absolute beast of an amp! Total SRV/Mayer tone, great price too.

Taking out the reverb gives the amp a little more "muscle'

Big fat blackface cleans with an amazing low end, enough headroom for pedals and certainly loud enough to gig with

"This amp started from a request by a customer to copy an amp from the early 70s that he owned. He was offered 45,000.00 for the amp and felt like it wouldn't be a good idea to use it out at any more bar gigs. After hearing and inspecting the amp I realized that although it sounded good there were a few things I felt needed changing to address some sonic qualities he and I didn't care for. The result is the SW50. This is an amp that really wants to stay clean. It will give you slight breakup at really high levels but retains a huge articulate and percussive sound stage. This amp works extremely well with pedals and will instantly give you that SRV/Mayer fat clean tone."

Loaded with a G12-H Creamback

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(Approx $2,147.1092)
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