Eastman Guitars

I'd been aware of Eastman Guitars for a while but it wasn't until NAMM 2017 that i got a chance to check them out in the flesh properly. I was totally blown away by the quality of them! All handmade by skilled luthiers with an impressive specs that Nitro finishes and USA pickups on most electric models where applicable.

They make a great range of guitars and we especially like the Semi acoustics, Archtops and 50's style acoustic that they make.

The Archtops are especially good as there's not a massive choice on the market at these pricepoints. You're either looking at super cheap copies or the full-on high-end Custom Shop guitars that are twice the cost of your main gigging guitars! These are great if you want to "dabble" in the world of Jazz or go all out on one of their super high end full spec models.

Superbly setup and they all come with a case of some description (varies by model)