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Suhr Alt T Model
Posted by John Priest

Very cool new limited run guitar from the fine folks at Suhr.

This guitar is all about the Vibe - Suhr don't just make amazing high performance virtuoso guitars, they also make some of the most toneful, sweetest sounding instruments out there and the new Suhr "Alt T" Pro has the same build quality that Suhr are known for but with a more vintage, open toned voice that's just totally addictive.

The pickups are a set of the amazing "Thornbucker" pickups, which are designed to be as close to a vintage late 50's Humbucking pickup as possible but work just as well in bolt on neck guitars, as well as mahogany/maple set necks.

The guitar has a rich, chimey clean voice, which just responds beautifully when you crank up the gain. You really hear the wood of the guitar, rather than just all gain and no tone.

Perfectly setup with Medium Stainless steel frets, with a compound 9" - 12" radius.

These will only be available for a very short time, so don't think about it for too long! 


A photo posted by @peachguitars onMay 23, 2016 at 9:07am PDT

John Priest
Posted By...
John Priest

John is one of the company directors and has been involved with Peach since 1998, so the things that he doesn't know about the products we sell, aren't worth knowing, sometimes he knows too much, quite sad really.

John handles a lot of our top end sales. On regular trips to the USA, when attending the NAMM show, or seeing his friends at Suhr, PRS, Gibson Custom and Taylor guitars to name but a few, he'll often hand pick beautiful figured woods for our own special run guitars.

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