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PRS McCarty 594
Posted by John Priest

Originally released as a 26 piece "Private Stock Guitar of the Month" run in February 2016, the PRS MCarty 594 model was really brought to our attention by John Mayer during a live Periscope video where he was talking about several things, including some of his favourite guitars and as soon as that video came out, the demand for the guitar was amazing!

Of course not everyone could obtain one of these £10,000 instruments, regardless of price, all 26 sold out immediately, so we're super pleased to see that PRS have released the guitar into the core line.



A photo posted by @peachguitars onJun 1, 2016 at 7:46am PDT

John Priest
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John Priest

John is one of the company directors and has been involved with Peach since 1998, so the things that he doesn't know about the products we sell, aren't worth knowing, sometimes he knows too much, quite sad really.

John handles a lot of our top end sales. On regular trips to the USA, when attending the NAMM show, or seeing his friends at Suhr, PRS, Gibson Custom and Taylor guitars to name but a few, he'll often hand pick beautiful figured woods for our own special run guitars.

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