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Gibson Custom 58 Les Paul with Stunning figured top
Posted by John Priest

We're proud to present a very special run of 58 Les Paul VOS models, with tops selected from a previous special run of guitars......

We flew to the USA in march 2015 and while in Nashville we viewed over 300 tops and hand selected 25 which we thought provided our consumers with the most visually stunning 58 reissues at the best possible value. I'm sure you'll agree these tops and the finishes would not look out of place on 59 reissues played by Gibson's most prolific artists.

Pics are from the Gibson factory, I was there in April 2016 and this is one of the last of our guitars in this run to be finished. We should see this mid-May.

The colour on this one is based on a guitar called "Nicky"

All models have the highly desirable 2014 specs, which include LONG neck tenon, hide glues, Custom Buckers etc etc. These guitars were made in 2016 but they're not CS8 spec, they're real Historic spec.

I know £3499 is a lot of money but this really does represent the closest thing you can get to a True Historic 59 Les Paul without spending almost double.

The "plain top" versions still sell for around £3300 so for a small amount more you're getting an absolutely stunning top that's good enough to be used on a Collectors Choice or Artist series model.



A photo posted by @peachguitars onJun 7, 2016 at 12:34pm PDT

John Priest
Posted By...
John Priest

John is one of the company directors and has been involved with Peach since 1998, so the things that he doesn't know about the products we sell, aren't worth knowing, sometimes he knows too much, quite sad really.

John handles a lot of our top end sales. On regular trips to the USA, when attending the NAMM show, or seeing his friends at Suhr, PRS, Gibson Custom and Taylor guitars to name but a few, he'll often hand pick beautiful figured woods for our own special run guitars.

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