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Fender Bassbreaker 15 Combo
Posted by John Priest

The new Bassbreaker amps are absolute world beaters! The 15 combo has to be one of our favourites!

This has to be my favourite budget valve amp on the market today, it really does sound superb

This amp from is from Fender, but not as we know them. Part of the Bassbreaker range, which was created to make a range of amps starting from the very popular Bassman range, and then taken forward in a parellel dimension sort of an idea, of what if Fender went down the modern rock road.

This is the 15 Watt combo model from the range, and it's equally at home, in the home, in the studio, or in small to medium sized gigs too. This thing packs a tight and modern tone, but with a 3 way gain structure switch it can be made to easily dial up suprising warm bluesy tones as well as fairly face melting distortion. This model comes with built in reverb too, which is a feature not found on the 7 watt version.

Powered from two EL84 tubes, and loaded with a 12" Celestion V-type speaker, also sporting a amp mute standby mode (useful for recording), as well as a proper XLR output too.

The range looks the business too, with the destinctive dark grey tweed, big ol' stylised pointer knobs and a new Fender block logo too, this amp is great sounding, touch sensitive, well built, and well priced too.


A photo posted by @peachguitars onJun 2, 2016 at 8:51am PDT

John Priest
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John Priest

John is one of the company directors and has been involved with Peach since 1998, so the things that he doesn't know about the products we sell, aren't worth knowing, sometimes he knows too much, quite sad really.

John handles a lot of our top end sales. On regular trips to the USA, when attending the NAMM show, or seeing his friends at Suhr, PRS, Gibson Custom and Taylor guitars to name but a few, he'll often hand pick beautiful figured woods for our own special run guitars.

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