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Gavitt Wire
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Gavitt Wire

Push Back Cloth and Braided wire

Push back cloth and braided wire for rewiring your guitar, this vintage style Gavitt wire is what you'll find in most high end models and vintage guitars. Perfectly paired with some CTS pots and PIO caps for the ultimate wiring upgrade.

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Gavitt 'Vintage style' push back cloth tinned 22 gauge wire

As found in many high end models and vintage guitars.

The waxed cloth covering provides excellent usability for neat and tidy wiring jobs. This cloth wire is double insulated (outer colour plus white Celanese inner braid sleeve). This wire features in our range of prewired kits. Used and loved by guitar techs world-wide, Gavitt® cloth wire is friendly and easy to work with.

As the name suggests the cloth insulation is simply pushed back to reveal the inner wire. The insulation isn't prone to heat damage as can be the case with many plastic insulated wires. Tinned cloth wire is easier and cleaner to work with - and certainly has that retro look to it.

Classic Gavitt® braided guitar wire

The cloth insulation simply pushes back to expose the inner black cloth wire which acts as the hot/live. Use the outer braid as the ground. This braided hook up wire is period correct, 2 strand braid weave.

  • Outer braid
  • Inner black cloth
  • Inner white Celanese braid
  • 7/30 strand tinned copper

Clean electronics help reduce unwanted feedback. This popular, vintage correct Gavitt® wire is superb in the sense that it is space saving - it is essentially 2 wires in 1. The outer braid acts as the ground, which is pushed back to reveal the inner cloth wire which acts as the hot/live.

We recommend using heat shrink tubing with braided guitar wire for extra protection, particularly inside the control cavity of a Les Paul or SG style guitar where the braid (ground) can come into contact with other components resulting in an unwanted short circuit.