Mojo Hand FX Mirrorball Delay

Mojo Hand FX
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The new Mojo Hand FX Mirrorball delay features up to 550ms of sweet analog-voiced delay fine-tuned to sit perfectly in the mix with warm overtones yet still retain clarity. They've added in a fully tweak-able modulation section at the flick of a switch to accentuate your echoes, whispers and howls with various shades of wow and flutter.

Mojo Hand FX Mirrorball Delay Features:

  • DELAY - sets delay range from 0 - 550ms
  • REPEAT - dial to taste from single slap-back to self oscillation
  • BLEND - adjusts level of echo effect
  • 2 way toggle - (modulation on/off)
  • RATE - dials in modulation speed
  • DEPTH - dials in modulation intensity
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