Bare Knuckle 'The Mule' Humbucker Set Nickel Short leg

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Product Specifications

Patent tone and performance with a kick in the rear!

Built to the same specifications as the original PAF humbucker, The Mule is totally unyielding in its approach to definitive tone and construction.

The coils are scatterwound by hand and offset with a differing number of turns of vintage correct 42 AWG plain enamel wire resulting in outstanding clarity and extended dynamic range. Coupled with an unpolished Alnico IV magnet the tone is seriously organic with detailed bass, fat mids, great bite and more than enough power for most applications.

The solid nickel silver baseplate and cover are exact replications of the original along with the butyrate bobbins, nickel plated slugs and Fillister no.5 pole screws, maple spacers and authentic braided hook up wire all made by hand for a lifetime of use.

For a sweet and full clean tone through to harmonically rich overdrive The Mule is unstoppable, delivering the goods every time!