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This version of the L.A. Woman is hand aged, and used, making this a great little bargain to be had!

When Robby Krieger first acquired his original 1954 Les Paul Custom in 1968, a writing, performing and recording partnership of legendary proportions began. Aptly named "L.A Woman" as the guitar was used to record one of the many unforgettable songs from The Doors, it remains in Robby's possesion as a tried and true companion to a career that has continually evolved and inspired over decades.

Over those years, the guitar has played sidekick to one of the most influential and admired creators of American music. As both a writing companion and workhorse, Robby's 1954 Les Paul Custom "L.A Woman" has been through it all. Now, through a collaboration with Gibson Custom Shop, a very limited number of hand crafted replicas of Robby's original 1954 Les Paul Custom are being offered with the artist's stamp of approval, personal involvment and, in the case of the first 50 guitars, a guitar that's been in his own hands.

Each "L.A Woman" Les Paul Custom is recreated based on access to the original, where it was digitally scanned, photographed and studied to insure a playing experience that matches its namesake as closely as the world's finest craftspeople can achieve. We're very proud of the results. Within it's fanatically rendered details are all the signature personality traits of Robby's own Custom; ebony fretboard, aftermarket Seymour Duncan neck pickup, the original's specific neck profile and finish details that are hand-aged to capture the individual personality of the original, all top and exhaustive list. In the end, we present another fine achievement of American, hand-crafted skill and patience that brings a singular, and legendary instrument's tone, feel and character to a few more.

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