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Suhr Badger 30 amp head offers an impressive 38 watts which makes it suitable for the majority of small-to-medium sized venues. The Badger 30 amp head is the 'big brother' of the best-selling Badger 18 and combines both power and clarity thanks to a larger output transformer, EL34 power tubes. These enhanced components are complimented by tweaked pre-amp voicing to offer a more pronounced and punchy midrange. Low-end frequencies are also more focussed with the Badger 30 which offers even-tighter bass notes.

Badger 30 is an all-tube amplifier and suited to a wide variety of musical styles and sounds. The stylish front-panel of the Badger 30 includes Bass, Mid and Treble controls for each channel alongside Power, Drive and Gain. These are controlled with ergonomic knobs and a bold, simplistic layout which is usable even in low lighting conditions (perfect for 'on the fly' adjustments mid-gig). The chassis has a rugged vinyl coating and tough grab-handle making it perfectly equipped for the rigors of a life on the road.

Suhr Badger amplifiers are hugely popular for a wide range of musical styles, being found on Rock stages and in houses of worship. This great compact amp head has plenty of power but maintains the lively feel and tonal characteristics that you would typically associate with a smaller cathode-biased amplifier. The Badger 30 from Saur has become the go-to amp for big names including Peter Thorn, Boz Scaggs, Mike Landau and many seasoned musicians.

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Product Specifications

Although called the Badger 30, this handsome little beast puts out 38 watts and has enough power to cut through a dense stage mix and handle medium-sized clubs and similar size venues such as a church. In fact, the Badger amps have become very popular with church worship bands and the Badger 30 is perfect for those large services with an audience of 300 to as many as a thousand.

Whatever size the venue, the Badger 30 has the headroom and the power to be heard loud and clear while retaining the high quality tonal characteristics that has made the Badger 18 amp the choice of such seasoned pros as Mike Landau, Peter Thorn, Walter Becker, Boz Scaggs, John Shanks and many others.

Try the Badger 30 if you need more power but still want to retain the lively feel and lush tonal characteristics of a smaller cathode-biased all-tube amp. You will find that the Badger 30 is the perfect bridge between a low power amp like our Badger 18 and the powerful 50 and 100 watt amplifiers.