Fender Mustang GT 100W Modelling Amp

Product Overview

Fender presents their state of the art modelling amp, with some killer features that really poke their head up above the competition in this class of amp.

These little things are solid state modelling amps, they're relatively lightweight compared to their valve equivalents, and put out some surprisingly authentic and meaty tones. The core of the product is the amp is a whole heap of amp tones that have been accurately modelled for sound and response, 21 classic amp models to be precise. 47 effects patches are available to tie in as well, so the tonal variations possible are huge.

The user interface controls on these really deserve a special mention, it's almost apple like in it's excellent design. We just opened the amp up, turned it on and started intuitively changing the settings with ease without even reading a manual. Lovely colour LCD display is the centre of the good design for the interface.

Add to that the Tone app which is a free app to easily use a smart phone or tablet to control the presets, effects, even tone controls and remote editing from the app makes customisation and control a breeze.

The feature that is damn cool and a first for this range is both Bluetooth and Wireless support. You can actually join the amp to your home wi-fi and update firmware and download presets. The Bluetooth functionality is killer allowing Bluetooth audio streaming so you can play music from Youtube, Spotify or Apple Music etc from your phone out of the amp while still playing along, which is the bedroom players dream. The hi-fi audio even sounds good too!

Supports an optional 4 button footswitch for switching between presets and effects, as well as opening up a looper functionality too.

This range of amps represents a hell of a lot of features and variation, while still being at a great price point.

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