DR Z 'Z-Wreck' 1x12 Combo

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I'm very excited about this! It's one sexy looking and sounding amp!

This combo came about from Brad Paisley wanting a smaller rig to use on his fly gigs and when DR Z made him this combo, he absolutely freaked out and Brad declared it his 'desert island' amp

The construction of the cabinet is from 1/2" Baltic Birch.  Birch is a very resonant wood, and the cab design will play an important role in the tone of the Z-Wreck Combo.

Tech Specs:

Power Output:   30 Watts
Output Tubes:   4 -7189 (EL84)
Preamp Tubes:   3 -12AX7
Rectifier Tube:   5AR4
Controls:   Volume, Bass, Treble, Cut
Speaker:   12" Celestion Alnico Gold
Weight:   UNDER 40 LBS! 18 Kgs

Dr. Z was contacted by Brad paisley in 2006 to have him build a custom amp.  They discussed what Brad wanted out of this amp and this led Dr. Z to contact renowned amp builder (and a friend of Z) Ken Fischer to lend a hand.  Dr. Z sent the prototype to Ken and he worked a bit of his magic into it, and even named it the "Z-Wreck".   After a few minor adjustments were made, Dr. Z sent it to Brad Paisley and it became Brad's main amplifer ever since.  In late 2006, Ken passed away and Z set the amp aside.

Every component on the Z Wreck was placed with the utmost attention to short wire lengths and increased separation between the front end and the output section. The heart of the amp is the output transformer designed by Ken for Dr Z in the early 2000s. Also on board is a newly designed power transformer which incorporates a multi tapped secondary that allows for 2 different plate voltage settings: Comfort and Speed. Speed yields a strong attack with increased clarity and dynamic headroom. Every note rings clear in the clean settings and they absolutely scream when the amp is pushed to its natural overdriven voice. The comfort setting drops the plate voltage down for more of a vintage feel. The softer response and overall sweetness of the comfort setting really make it difficult to put the guitar down.

The touch response of the Z Wreck is unequalled. Settings below 12:00 on the volume yield a rich clean sound with no signs of harshness. A 12 string Ric will be right at home for mid 60s Liverpool bliss. Once past 12:00 on the volume you can dial in excellent crunch all the way up to full blooming sustained drive sounds. Does the Z Wreck ROCK? YES!!! Does the Z Wreck TWANG? YES!!! The Z Wreck will deliver exactly what your hands and guitar give it. With the amp volume past noon you can roll your guitar volume back for articulate full bodied clean sounds and turn it up full for excellent drive. The Z Wreck truly is a plug and play amp.

Dr Z has acquired a massive amount of NOS Russian 6P14P-EV 7189 (EL84) tubes to use in the Z Wreck. These output tubes were chosen because of their superior sonic qualities and excellent life span.

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