AER Compact 60 Tommy Emmanuel Signature

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The "Tommy" Signature Edition replaces the standard delay with a delay designed to replicate setting 99 (reverb combined with chorus) from an old workhorse Alesis MidiVerb. This gives the sound extra width and depth, as per Tommy's request

The accomplished Australian fingerstyle player has long been an unofficial AER ambassador and one of the best-known users of the company's products. Over the years, Emmanuel has relied on a number of different AER amps and has recently incorporated the company's Colourizer sound-shaping preamp tool into his rig.

"Our relationship with Tommy began organically several years ago. He has always played our amps 'as-is'," said AER President Udo Roesner. "No tweaks, no hidden secrets. So rather than piling on a list of additional features that Tommy himself has never relied on, we chose instead to give his amp a truly personal feel by incorporating tributes to several of his influences."


  • Power: 60W
  • Two channels
  • Speaker: 1x8 dual-cone
  • FX: reverb, Midiverb delay/reverb
  • DI output

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