Xotic BB Preamp Custom Shop Mid Boost

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The Xotic BB Preamp MB is the first offering from Xotic Effects Custom Shop. 

This new version of the ever popular BB Preamp features a sexy brushed aluminum case with a brushed aluminum plate on the top panel with smooth looking graphics to set it apart from the standard Xotic offerings. 

The Xotic BB Preamp MB has an additional feature to the pedal in the form of the Mid Boost control.

Now this is not only a mid boost but also a cut allowing for custom tailoring of the midrange content of your Xotic BB Preamp MB.  The traditional controls that all Xotic pedals share are also present, Volume, Gain, Bass, and Treble. 

The Xotic BB Preamp MB is the next step in overdrive evolution from Xotic Effects Custom Shop.

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