Way Huge Swollen Pickle Fuzz MkIIS

New for NAMM 2016
Way Huge
Product Overview

The beautifully titled swollen pickle returns once again, this time a little smaller.

This is the same circuitry from the MkII but in a more compact housing. The Swollen Pickle was already one of the most sought after pedals from Way Huge, providing a wide range of Fuzz tones from subtle Eric Johnson style sounds right up to face melting, it hurts levels.

A wide range of controls help you sculpt your fuzz accordingly with controls for 'loudness', 'sustain', 'scoop' and 'crunch', all of which do as you'd expect.

Extra controls are available in the 'voice' and 'clip' controls internally in the pedal. Voice controls the scoop control and clip helps adjust the fuzz sustain to your tastes.

As good a pedal as ever, now in a smaller footprint.

(Approx $154.9103)
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