Wampler Tumnus Overdrive & Boost

Product Overview

Wampler are known for build quality and quality of tone, the Tumnus is no exception.

This is a lovely and transparent pedal, and full of low-mid frequency enhancement. It can be used as a semi-clean boost which provides a beautiful midrange fatness with a hint of sparkle on the top end too. The overdrive voicing is warm and fat, great for bluesy players.

It's flexible as well, it can be used for everything from a subtle boost right up to dark and heavy overdrive. The Tumnus can also be used as a buffer too, as per the original the pedal is not true bypass, and the buffered bypass tone is useful in it's own right.

3 control knobs, for Volume, Tone and Gain allow for easy and varied control over the tones that the pedal can produce.

(Approx $195.6812)
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