Wampler Latitude Standard Tremolo

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The tremolo pedal from Wampler that they describe as 'standard', we'd disagree.

A very capable and varied sounding Tremolo pedal that is as happy producing vintage sounding shimmering tones, right through to full on modern sounding helicopter chopping sounds.

This pedal generates sounds that are very versatile and it uses digital technology to control it's totally analog guitar signal path.

This pedal is sporting tap tempo control as well as multiple time divisions, it's a breeze to sync your playing with the song in question whether it be a dodgy drummer, or recorded work. The multiple time divisions allow for 1/4, 1/8th, dotted 1/8th, and triplets too, and combined with a selectable choice of three waves of Sine, Peak and Square you can get many different tremolo sounds out of this one fancy box.

Whatever your tremolo needs, this pedal has got it.

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