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The Vertex Boost is the ultimate transparent boost. It is expertly crafted to keep your tone unchanged, while boosting the level of your signal with the highest fidelity. No added frequencies, no added gain, just your tone without compromise.

If the EXP Pedal input is used, it allows you to control the BOOSTED level in real time with your foot. The LEVEL pot on the pedal itself will determine the maximum output when the the EXP is in the toe-down position and pot on the EXP automatically re-calibrates its taper to go from silent (in the heel position), to however many dB boost you've determined in the toe-down position. When the pedal is turned off, the EXP will function as a normal volume pedal, but with none of the tonal disadvantages of a volume pedal as the EXP in not way influences the 100% analog circuitry of the boost.

the premium features include;

- True Bypass or Buffered Bypass (selectable)

- EXP option to control boost output level

- +16dB of available clean boost

- Handcrafted in California

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