Vertex Dynamic Distortion

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The long awaited Dynamic Distortion from Vertex effects is here. Built to satisfy all of your Hendrix/Landau and SRV tonal requirements, all of those tones are present with just the twist of the volume knob, check out the video below, it sounds just awesome!

The Blueprint for this pedal is a sonic hybrid between a Germanium fuzz of the 60's and TS overdrive of the 80's and this combo provides unmatched touch sensitivity and more importantly amazing clean up potential from the volume control on your guitar.

It has all of the positives from these classic vintage pedals without any of the drawbacks. You can use a buffer before or after the Dynamic Distortion with zero compromise, plus you can use your Wah pedal without any crazy things happening. Basically you can go full on Hendrix without the feeding back all over the place.


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