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The Torpedo Captor is an easy to use reactive Loadbox, perfect for unleashing a musician's favourite valve/tube amplifer in a variety of modern applications and venues. Designed to be placed between an amplifer head and speaker cabinet or with a combo with amp/speaker connections, Captor can act as a power attenuator/cabinet simulator and is packed in a DI sized enclosure that features a complete set of connections.

Capturing a rich and dynamic sound for direct recording, live through a PA or with in-ear monitors has never been this easy, all without having to mic up a speaker and retaining the feel that realistically only a real tube amp can provide. Used without a cabinet, it safely loads the amp in silent mode without any risk to the output tubes and electronics, as Captor to all intents and purposes feels and looks exactly like a speaker to the amplifer. However, the Torpedo Captor also features a direct speaker THRU or ATT output which sends either the full volume of the amp to the speaker or with a fxed -20dB reactive attenuation, all without all of the usual sound and feel changing characteristics that most other attenuators are plagued with.

The Torpedo Captor features a balanced XLR active DI output, with selectable analog guitar or bass speaker simulation taken from the award-winning Le Preamp series of preamps. Add this to the balanced line output with adjustable output level and polarity switch and you get the maximum out of your preferred amp at full potential, whether quietly at home, in the studio, or live on stage. In addition, the Two Notes Wall Of Sound plug-in software is supplied with the device, which gives options for almost limitless virtual cabinets to choose from (16 supplied free) to sculpt your own studio tone in your favourite DAW.

Captor can handle any amp up to 100 Watts RMS and is available in 3 separate models of 4, 8, and 16 Ohms

£199.00 Inc Vat
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