T-Rex Replicator True Analogue Tape Echo Pedal

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A gorgeous piece of work here from T-Rex that harks back to the days before digital processing was cheap as chips and easy to come by. Using a magnetic tape and a motor, tape echos used to be unwieldy to say the least, but nowadays there are more compact versions to be had that still do things the proper analogue way.

The Replicator is T-rex's recreation of the tape echo unit, including everything you'd expect to find in one, a motor, tape cartridge and magnetic heads. It spot on recreates the quality of sound as the units of old, but has a bunch of new features, making this a much more versatile addition to your soundscape.

Including tap tempo, 3 output modes from two playback heads, a chorus mode that can modulate up the pitch on the fly as well.

The expression can be expanded on further by two separate expression pedal inputs to configure the feedback and delay time in real time as you play, which is very cool.

Much more authentic and musical than any digitial approximation that anyone makes, this is a pedal for a real connoisseur of tone in the vein of the original Echoplex or Copycat.

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