Suhr Reactive Load I.R

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The Suhr Reactive Load has been a market leader in accurate speaker cab load replacement ever since its release, retaining all the warmth and dynamics of your sound it removes the hassle of using a bulky cabinet during live and studio performance.

The latest version, the Suhr Reactive Load I.R does exactly what it says on the box. It's the classic Reactive Load but with impulse response technology, giving you the ability to quickly access a range of expertly micd speaker cabs. It comes loaded with 16 Suhr I.Rs including the Badger, Bella, Hedgehog, PT and 412 cabinets captured by Celestion. It also features a USB port so you can load it up with externally sourced I.Rs to really nail your sound.

Its a great practice tool, you can plug your smartphone or tablet in and connect your headphones for easy bedroom rehearsing too.

Its a really comprehensive unit that is sure to be a real favourite with players and studio engineers.

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