Strymon Riverside Multistage Drive pedal

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They may be the current flavour of the month for time based effects, but Strymon also know how to deliver an incredible drive pedal. The Riverside is a multistage drive pedal with both analogue and digital circuitry and has an incredible amount of flexibility and versatility.

The first stage utilises a Class A JFET circuit, this delivers up to 20dB of analogue gain which means you can really push this pedal hard! Once your signal has passed through this stage it gets a tasty boost from the SHARC DSP chip which adds a detailed, dynamic distortion. This means that your pedal will react like a tube amp, responsive to the intensity of your picking at low volumes and delivering that cascading drive at higher volumes.

With a low gain channel for classic, smooth drive, a high gain channel for modern saturated distortion and a 3-band EQ you can sculpt your own tone with ease. This is a comprehensive pedal and delivers super sweet drives right across the board.

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