MXR Reverb Pedal

New for NAMM 2016
Product Overview

A new addition to the MXR range, a 6-in-1 reverb solution.

6 carefully created reverbs all in one teeny box. Featuring hi-fi analog and digital audio paths, a studio-grade low noise floor, true bypass, stereo in and out (when using TRS cables) and support for an expression pedal for those of you that just can't be bothered to lean over when adjusting the pedal (or adjust it while playing live more helpfully).

The actual reverbs settings are 'plate', 'spring', 'epic' (which is hall with a confusing name), 'mod', 'room', and 'pad'.

A great little pedal, very versatile reverb options at your fingertips.

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Product Reviews

Amazing guitar with all the options I could ever need and the ebony board is fantastic. I can't wait to see it projected on the big screens!!!!!!!!!!!!