Mojo Hand Villanova Vibe

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Super Lush Vibe type pedal, this one has been a long time in the making.

1. Mix knob: This controls the ratio of vibe to dry signal. 12:00 is the
conventional Univibe effect. Setting the Mix knob off-center will improve cut in a live band
mix. To the left adds dry input. To the right adds subtle true pitch
shifting vibrato.

2. Tone knob: Most useful for stacking vibe with fuzz. The combination
accentuates treble in a portion of the vibe cycle. The tone knob will
counteract the excess by subtracting high end response.

3. Volume knob: Output volume depends on speed, depth, treble, and mix
settings. Unity will be close to 8:00, but is subjective due to the
constant modulation of frequency response resulting from the vibe
notches moving up and down the spectrum. The volume control will
eliminate the perceived jump or drop in volume when the effect is
switched from bypass to on. Increasing the Volume setting will provide
boost of about 5 times useful for overdriving the input of an amp.

4. Speed knob: Spans a wider range of speeds than conventional vibes.
High speed with low depth and subtle vibrato creates a rotating speaker
effect not possible with conventional vibes.

5. Depth knob: Spans the range from zero to full throb at any speed.

6. Enclosure size: Smaller than conventional vibes. Designed to fit in
small spaces and compact pedal boards.

7. Power Supply: Designed to operate with any regulated voltage supply
that delivers between 9 and 15 volts, regardless of specified current
capacity. The vibe draws only 10 mA average, whereas the smallest
regulated power supply delivers over 100 mA. Operation is possible as
long as the vibe consumes less than the amount of current specified on
the supply.

8. 9 Volt Battery use: Should last the same amount of time as the
battery in most overdrive pedals. Vibe operation continues down to 6.5
volts with a drained battery.

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