Mesa Boogie Cabclone Cabinet Simulator and Loadbox 8 ohm

Mesa Boogie
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The perfect tool for the recording/gigging guitarist. You can record without having to mic up a cabinet, or use live as a direct input to a desk.

Featuring an amp load, up to 100 watts, so you won't damage the amplifier when not using a speaker.

There's three different cabinet voices, open back, closed back, and vintage.

It also has all of the useful output features, such as switchable DI levels out, Phase switch, and ground lift.

The new Mesa Engineering CABCLONE is a passive Cabinet Simulator/Speaker+Mic alternative with a built-in Amp Load. It provides a direct interface of your guitar amp's Speaker Output to the input of a mixing console, microphone preamp or even direct to your audio interface with or without the need for a speaker cabinet. It's also a Compensated Headphone Driver that delivers a great sounding, great feeling headphone-friendly version of your amp's Tone that's perfect for late night practice sessions or anytime you want to play without others listening.

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