Keeley Tone Workstation

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The Tone Workstation was designed as a pedal for those who may not want an over-complicated pedalboard. Stick this in the front of your chain for pure clarity to your tone. It may even be the only pedal you need! Compression, drive and boost are all here to help make you sound the best you can.

The compressor really is the unsung hero of any guitar players tone, and you really get a chance to see how important it can be within this pedal. Three control knobs allow you to really blend and mix up the level of compression you desire within your tone. Adjust the Sustain and Blend functions to really get the most out of your playing.

If that wasn't enough, the drive/boost section of this pedal is where you can really develop your tone. In Katana mode, only the Level knob will be active giving you a sweet, clean tube-like boost. But flick that switch up to 1962 for a rocking British overdrive and experiment a little bit and fill your playing with all that crunchy goodness!

Lastly, we have the emphatic Red Dirt overdrive selection. Really amp up your midrange here and get stuck into some roaring lead tone. You can go from a punchy clean to an awesome saturated gain!

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