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This is an absolute belter of a pedal from the guys at Keeley. Containing 8 different Modulation effects and 2 scorching drives.

Using the tap tempo on this bad boy gives you a huge range of sweet, spacey modulation and an awesome full tone. There is definitely a sound for any guitarist on this pedal. Combine it with any Workstation by Keeley and they will compliment each other and blend to perfection.

Containing two of the most loved overdrives in the Keeley range: the 1962/Katana and the Oxblood, add and experiment with the many different modulations to create your own unique and rockin' sound! The modulation effects include: Tremolo; Harmonic Tremolo; Oscillating Random Filter; Phaser; Automatic Double Tracker; Analog Chorus/Vibrato; Flanger; Leslie Rotary Speaker. So as you can tell, working in harmony with the roaring overdrives, this pedal really covers a huge spectrum of sound.

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This item has been moved from our old Braintree shop over to our new shop which is a work in progress, it is open for business and this item will be available to view in person. For enquiries please call 01376 386 786 or email
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